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Alaska, during the sub-prime economic crash. Realtor Sandra (Yohanna Idha, “Best Actress” Stockholm Film Festival 2011) visits a foreclosed property with her client Bill (Award Winning Bo Svenson from Quentin Tarantino´s Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds). The former owner Danny attacks them – and sets in motion the unraveling of the true history of Sandra…


We´re proud to present the World Premiere of our thriller feature film ANGRY, starring award winning Bo Svenson (from Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS). Also starring Yohanna Idha (“Best Actress”, Stockholm Film Festival, 2011) and Christopher Stone. Click here to watch ANGRY now!

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Under the Knife: Official poster

We´ve released a new poster for our up-coming horror feature UNDER THE KNIFE.


UNDER THE KNIFE is currently being edited by Jari Hautamäki (editor ANGRY). Sound is mixed by Andreas Tinnerholm (ANGRY). Music score will be created by William Thurin.

Be back soon to watch our new trailer! Our goal is to release UNDER THE KNIFE later this year. Check out the official site for more information and updates.

PenguinFilms Cannes 2012

PenguinFilms have several projects represented at Le Marche du Film in Cannes, 2012. Not only is our completed thriller ANGRY represented by Canadian Sales Agency Industry Works, but one of our WAR ON EARTH producers, Tomas Amlöv, is also available during the whole Cannes week, taking tons of meetings. We’re proud to present our projects in developement – many with attachments.

IMDb | Thriller | Completed | Official Site

Our completed thriller ANGRY is of course selling in Cannes, brought there by Canadian sales agency Industry Works. ANGRY stars Bo Svenson from Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Also starring is Yohanna Idha – winner of Best Actress Award at Stockholm Film Festival 2011. Contact Industry Works at Cannes for more information. Check the official site for trailer and poster.

IMDb | Sci-fi/Action | Developement | Official Site

Emmanuelle Vaugier (TWO AND A HALF MEN, MIRRORS 2, SAW IV) is attached as evil alien Dez, fighting against other stars as David Bowles (ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES) and Tim Man (ONG BAK 2, SKILLS). WAR ON EARTH has a powerful Pilot already completed and available for viewing by any serious party. Written and produced by J. Pingo Lindstrom and produced by Tomas Amlöv.

Found footage/Sci-fi | Pre-production

Our next feature film WARP is an exciting found footage feature with extreme and unique twists and turns! This is something to look out for! Will film in 2012 with Tom Grejs directing.

Horror/Drama/Comedy | Developement

PenguinFilms’ J. Pingo Lindstrom is currently casting this project for Timelock Film AB and producer Tomas Amlöv. Screenplay by Lars Norberg.

Action/Adventure | Developement

PenguinFilms’ J. Pingo Lindstrom is writing OUTGROWTH based on a story by producer Tomas Amlöv from Timelock Film AB. This is an original take on Nordic mythology, mixed with a great part of adventure action.

If you are interested in any of the above projects and are available at Cannes, we can probably make arrangements for meetings. Email J. Pingo Lindstrom at to request more information. Also check out Timelock Film AB‘s completed feature SKILLS.

ANGRY – Facebook-page + future updates

ANGRY now has its own Facebook-page. We’re also adding more updates to our official site in the future, as photos, more video content and other updates.

We’re also happy to announce that the female star of Angry, Yohanna Idha, won the prestigous BEST ACTRESS AWARD at Stockholm Film Festival, 2011!

Be sure to visit and bookmark the official site of ANGRY to know news and SHOWTIMES! ANGRY will premiere during 2012, worldwide.

WOE – Interview in Swedish radio

Swedish radio (P4, Dalarna) made an interview with producer/writer J. Pingo Lindstrom on Thursday the 3:rd of November, 2011. The interview is in SWEDISH only – no translation sorry – but mainly it’s Pingo telling about the attachment of Emmanuelle Vaugier and the production of the feature film WAR ON EARTH in Falun, Sweden.

ANGRY – New trailer

We’re proud to present to you our new trailer for our feature thriller ANGRY, starring award winning Bo Svenson (known from Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS).

PenguinFilms are also releasing a new cool poster:

Please contact for any sales questions and available territories.

Complete credits at IMDb.

ANGRY will be released worldwide in 2011.

KILL THE WRITER – in developement!

KILL THE WRITER – a dark comedy/horror feature film based on a script by J. Pingo Lindstrom – is currently in developement.

Producers attached are David Bowles (from Unizarre International Film & TV Productions), J. Pingo Lindstrom (PenguinFilms), Francoise Gouliardon (Beacoup Films) and Nicola Silverstone.

Attached director is Mike A. Martinez (MALEVOLANCE, DP of controversial western THE SCARLET WORM).

More information at the official site:

AXA Mobile Phone Game

The AXA Mobile Phone Game is now released! We recently launched a new website – check it out at:

The game features three levels and hours of gameplay! Lots of enemies, stuff to pick up and creatures to fight! AXA is the sword-swinging babe from Romero (who also illustrated Modesty Blaise), and this is the first interactive game ever published based on this comic character.

The feature film is in the works – check out the official site:

WOE – Coming soon!

PenguinFilms recently finished filming of the sci-fi-Pilot WOE. We are currently in post-production and will soon update with a teaser-trailer.

WOE is an increadibly interesting project that takes sci-fi-war to a new level. Filmed entirely in Sweden, this will become a feature never seen before from this country! Watch out!