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Do you want to contact PenguinFilms? Then please read the below first!

We do not take any kind of unsolicited submissions of screenplays/scripts or story ideas. Those are sent directly to our spam folder. If you are a professional writer with a talent agent, then have your agent submit your logline in an email. If you are an actor, then do NOT submit yourself. Only have your agent submit your IMDb-vanity URL by email – do NOT send any JPG-files or anything else. We will NOT open them.

Submissions of music and/or concept art may be made by emailing us a LINK to your music/pictures online. DO NOT send us any MP3-files or JPG-files. We will NOT open them.

If you are a journalist who wants to get in touch with us or any of our attached talent, then please email us and include your email address, full name, media company name, country and phone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check our front page often for news.

Distributors and/or Sales Agencies interested in our films my contact us directly by email. Please inidicate film title in the subject. Be sure to leave information about your company, country, phone number and email address. Please note that we never enter any deals that does not come with a significant and serious minimum guarantee.

Email to: